Conservative treatments

Tooth fillings 

 If you are unhappy with your current smile beacuse of decay or if you have older metal fillings and you don't like the way they look, at Batorfi Dental Clinic we can provide you with the smile of your dreams. We restore your teeth to an attractive, healthy state.Dental fillings is one of the most common dental procedure in dentistry.A dental filling is a type of restorative dentistry treatment used to repair a tooth that is affected by minimal decay, cracks or fractures. If you are experiencing bad taste, discoloration or sensitivity you may need a filling.At our dental practice, we use non-metal dental restorations (we use only 100% metal-free fillings) because we know your smile may be the first and foremostthing that people notice about you.A white dental filling gives back the normal function and the shape of the tooth and provide a natural appearing option for your teeth. It can also protect the tooth from further damage.We use the latest tooth filling technology and modern dental filling materials (are made from durable composite resins that can be color-matched to your enamel) so one will be able to tell you have had a cavity treatment!Having a beautiful smile will make you more confident.


Dental sealants can play an important role in helping to prevent cavities. The dentist bonds a plastic coating into the pits and fissures of the tooth, having a smoother tooth surface that is less likely to trap food and plaque and which is easier to clean with the toothbrush.